Article - Minimizing the Negative Effects of Divorce 

Although a marriage may end, families are forever.

Focus on your goal of creating family without the negative impact of divorce and remember the following:

  • It is in the children‘s best interest to have two parents actively involved with them and their upbringing.
  • Both father and mother should do everything in their power to foster love, respect and affection towards each family member.
  • Both mother and father should create and sustain an environment that promotes the children‘s physical, mental, emotional, moral and social growth and development.
  • Father and Mother should fully cooperate to implement relationships that foster this goal and give the children a maximum feeling of security and love.
  • The parents‘ cooperation includes exchanging information about the children‘s well being in all respects, and work to maintain compatible parenting styles and rules to the extent reasonable and necessary for the children‘s well-being.
  • As a family, mother and father are committed to living with integrity, to provide a stable environment where they feel safe and cared for, making sure that the children know that they can count on their family members to be there in times of need.
  • Both parents should intend to allow the children the freedom to be themselves and live their own truth to foster authenticity.

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