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An appeal may only be filed after the trial court judge issues the final order in your case. A final order is an order that resolves all of the issues raised in the trial court.

In family law, this means that, in most cases, a party may not appeal a temporary order or an interim order to the Court of Appeals.

In an appeal, the appellate court will review the record of the trial court, and will determine whether the trial court made certain errors. But not all errors are reviewable by an appellate court. The appellate court may only review whether the trial court misinterpreted or misapplied the law.

After receiving your final order in your family law case, it is important that you discuss with your attorney whether you have grounds for an appeal, and if it makes sense to file an appeal.

Many factors need to be considered, including the cost involved. The cost of an appeal varies drastically depending upon the number of issues appealed, the complexity of the issues appealed and the length of the trial court‘s record and hearing transcript.

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