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Enforcement of Contracts

A contract is any legally enforceable promise or set of promises (verbal or written) made between parties. There must be an agreement which consists of an offer and acceptance, and contractual intention for a simple contract to exist. Additional ingredients that make up a contract include capacity, consent and legality.

A contract which possesses all of the above ingredients is presumed to be valid. The absence of an essential element will render the contract void, voidable or unenforceable.

Protect your legal rights by memorializing an agreement in writing and always trust your instincts before entering into any agreement with another. Contact Cartwright Law to review, draft and evaluate any contractual obligation you may have with another person or entity to enforce those rights.

If a client or former client does not pay, you must first bring the matter to the attention of the other party by phone or in person. Summarize the conversation, concerns and agreements. Send a copy of the summary to the other party and keep a copy for yourself.

Have our firm write a demand letter stating your concerns and ask for a contract compliance within a certain time period.

As a last resort, file a Verified Complaint for Breach of Contract in Court. If a Judgment is rendered in your favor, the attorneys at Cartwright Law will enforce the Judgment through all appropriate collection proceedings against the debtor.