“You cannot change what happened in the past, but you can accept it—let go of its grip on your life—and create.” - Patricia G. Cartwright

Patricia created QUIET MIND as a response to the great need for families affected by loss.  The tool QUIET MIND was originated and developed by Patricia who believes that all of us need moments of silence to hear the voice of God.  In silence, we remember that we are children of God and can freely choose to live a life we absolutely love. Until we remember who we are - we will continue to react to the chaos of life and clutter of our minds that prevent us from finding true joy in our lives.  

"If you want to hear God, Quiet your Mind."

The QUIET MIND interactive workshop is centered around discernment. The participants ponder an important decision in their lives and choose from two thoughts: thoughts that lead them toward fear and helplessness ("Junk") or thoughts that lead them toward joy and the Truth in God's love ("Detox"). QUIET MIND recognizes that the “Junk” in our minds oftentimes turn perceptions about ourselves into facts. QUIET MIND assists participants to “Detox” the false beliefs about ourselves ("Junk") and choose the Truth about who they are - children of God. With peace of mind, participants will have confidence with clarity to fulfil their life's purpose in a most powerful way.  At the end of the seminar, participants will leave with an individualized plan and the tools for them and their family.

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